Global Unistrut Construction Services

Global Unistrut Construction Services

Unistrut Strut Construction

If You Imagine It, We Can Build It.

At Atkore, we're ready to inspire the next generation of global construction efforts.


Atkore's Unistrut Construction is a specialty subcontractor engaged in the design, fabrication, and installation of mechanical support structures for new construction and renovation projects. We provide trusted service and industry leading workmanship and a have deep experience providing innovative solutions for projects across the globe for Semiconductors, Healthcare, Data Centers, Commercial, High Tech, and other project solutions including rooftop, walkways, and catwalks.

The clear benefits of offering both products and installation from a single source become evident in every project we undertake and positively reflect on our core mission: To be the customer’s first choice by providing unmatched quality, delivery and value based on sustainable excellence in strategy, people, and processes.

Join us in a journey towards a better, more efficient way of sourcing your electrical and mechanical solutions.


OEM Global Reach

Global Reach

With a 100-year legacy of engineering excellence across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Atkore offers unparalleled quality and a global expertise for product development and seamless project delivery.
An extensive network of local partners worldwide ensures comprehensive project support. Our dedicated application and technical support are available in North America and Europe.
Plus, we offer pre-approvals, including seismic OPM, seismic LARR, UL, NEMA, ISO, and other international certifications. You can also take advantage of our global off-site manufacturing capabilities.

OEM Value to Project

Value to Project

Atkore's off-site manufacturing (OSM) offers a global partnership, complete with installation services, catering to the standardization needs of global companies.

Schedule Certainty: Atkore's vertically integrated manufacturing approach helps eliminate waste and accelerates delivery times. Owners, general contractors, and engineering firms can be confident in our commitment to on-site and on-time component or OSM module deliveries.

Cost Certainty: We strive for the right products to be delivered on time and according to project scope/specifications eliminating re-work or re-orders mid-project; saving time and money. Atkore's breadth of products support large projects for any application; consolidating multiple vendors and reducing overall cost.


OEM Capabilities


Meeting today's construction challenges requires modern methods, encompassing seamless coordination from:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Off-site manufacturing (off-site fabrication)
  • On-site installation

We also offer managed design assistance and custom services, including piping, cable management, and exhaust systems, across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


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OEM Competency


Our global Unistrut construction team is highly skilled in designing, engineering, and installing complex construction solutions. We have extensive experience in coordinating the supply chain across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Additionally, we excel in off-site manufacturing and have a unique vertical approach to standardizing and representing global projects. As both a manufacturer and an OSM solution provider, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

OEM Services


Atkore offers comprehensive solutions, including design support and ownership, kitting, preassembly with detailed erection drawings and direction instructions, 2D and 3D fabrication, and the installation of various systems.

Our 2D/3D modular systems, part of Atkore's Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) expertise, encompass metal framing, cable management, piping, electrical cables, and on-site installation. These solutions are delivered through managed product supply agreements that extend well beyond product made only by Atkore.

OEM Products


Atkore products meet local standards in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East regions, including NEMA, UL, ISO, and AIS compliance. We offer innovative solutions like hot aisle containment (HAC), high-performance coatings like Defender, seismic products, trolleys, and beam clamps.

With us, you'll receive one invoice for all Atkore products, we provide helpful design aids such as a BIM toolbar, BIM/CAD models, configurator, and Master Format specs for easy specification. Our products consistently meet ASTM, UL, ISO, NEMA, AISI, and other international standards.

Integrated Solutions

Design Solutions
Design Solutions

Atkore's in-house design and engineering team are subject matter experts in the design, application, and anchoring solutions for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Value engineering solutions for complex projects use the most applicable product geometry and finish from our global library of products. Specializing in a "design to fabricate and install" approach, we ensure maximum total value while delivering the highest quality at the lowest total installed cost.


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Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions

Mega projects on a global scale require mega solutions. As a manufacturer with locations around the world, Atkore is a leading electrical infrastructure company used to power and protect facilities everywhere.

Electrical conduit and fittings, cable management systems, infrastructure products, and safety and security products are all in our product portfolio. With multiple facilities across the globe, you can count on us to have standard and custom manufactured products to benefit your

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Fabrication Solutions
Fabrication Solutions

Our design and engineering teams design solutions to be pre-fabricated off site by implementing 2D modules that can be built to 3D and can be deployed and built on site by our construction team. This benefits general and subcontractors expediting schedule timelines by consolidating multiple traits prior to installation and deploying them on site on time.

Logistic Solutions
Logistic Solutions

Atkore is uniquely positioned both as a manufacturer of products and as a construction service provider. This allows our project management team to coordinate logistics on product, design, installation and construction.

Our product managers can control product schedules and expedite with plants globally supplying metal framing, cable management, piping, and other Atkore and non-Atkore products alike.

As a result, product schedules can be optimized for mega projects, by breaking

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Installation Solutions
Installation Solutions

Our construction group integrates engineering, design, execute prefabrication and install modules optimizing product schedules by coordinating production throughout our manufacturing sites.

Our teams have the experience and know-how gained working on some of the world's largest projects globally. Effective installation & safety practices are deployed globally by our construction teams.

At Atkore, our team is a subject matter expert in installing our pre-fabricated modules.

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Project Case Studies

Data Center California
Data Center, Texas

Atkore is a major, global supplier to hyperscale data centers for construction services and materials for aisle containment, wire management, overhead and underfloor supports, security, and more. Our portfolio of products and services helped meet schedule and cost requirements for each new upgrade, expansion or new facility.

Data Center, California

As one of multiple hyperscale data centers, the location continues to receive regular upgrades and expansions since its original establishment in 2007. Atkore routinely provides a broad portfolio framing and raceway materials through our distribution network to contractors on this site. Also providing technical support and design guidance, Atkore strives to deliver the best solution available.

Data Center Texas
Arizona Semiconductor Manufacturer
Large Semiconductor Manufacturer, Israel

For the past 20 years, Atkore has supplied a variety of modular OSM and design for electrical and mechanical requirements on multiple large-scale project sites. This investment of time over 2 decades, and through significant periods of innovation, gives Atkore specialization in global semiconductor manufacturing builds.

Large Semiconductor Manufacturer, Arizona

Atkore's OSM pre-fabrication, design & engineering services are integral to success in these projects. Additionally, our highly trained installation teams offer on-site labor savings by using contemporary lean design-build methods to deliver high quality construction quickly and at a low total cost.

Israel Semiconductor Manufacturer

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