The Atkore Business System

The Atkore Business System Enables Success

Built on the foundation of our core values – Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence – the Atkore Business System (ABS) is the driving force behind our culture and performance. ABS is a complete way of doing business.


Through three fundamentals (People, Strategy, Process), ABS focuses on developing our people, advancing a market-driven strategy, and continually improving all that we do. The People fundamental is reflective of who we are and how we drive organizational excellence. The Strategy fundamental informs how we understand our markets, respond to change, and deliver differentiated value to customers. The Process fundamental describes how we manage variability and continuously improve both operational and transactional processes. These three fundamentals are interconnected and implemented across our organization using our Strategy Deployment Process. This ensures we work on innovative and impactful initiatives for the future, while using Lean Daily Management to achieve day-to-day safety, quality, delivery, and value. The Atkore Business System provides the entire framework, including the mindset, skill set and tool set, needed to excel.


But all of that starts even before you walk through the doors of Atkore – with our consistent, enterprise-wide approach to the “Build Your Team” candidate selection process. Once hired, you’ll participate in our immersive onboarding process, which creates important connections within the company, delivers on-the-job training and key learnings, and helps ensure alignment to department and company goals. And once your immersion is complete, your manager will regularly discuss your engagement, alignment, and performance against set objectives. Effective performance management drives alignment and execution of our values, business priorities, employee goals, and established behaviors – enhancing individual development.


With a holistic approach, the Atkore Business System is key to our success, and we consider it a differentiator amongst employers when considering a career. Our commitment to People, Strategy, and Process builds a team capable of creating breakthrough ideas to further that success and allow us to build a better future together.


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