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Electric Utility

Electric Utility

Power Generation

There is a soaring demand for electrical energy as the world population increases. Power generation is considered crucial for economic development. Whether generation is from renewable or non-renewable sources, safety, long-term value, and efficiency are critical factors. Atkore understands these factors and our products lead the electric utility industry. We provide reliable products that cater to the unique construction needs of distributors and contractors who are building and renovating power-generating stations. We also offer advice on which products best suit your requirements.

We take pride in the high quality of our conduit, fittings, cables, and cable management systems that are used in any electric utility. Our stainless-steel products resist corrosion even at high temperatures. We also provide oxidation resistance in fossil fuel plants and radiation containment in nuclear power plants.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the future of our planet. Because of low carbon emissions and perennial resources, it is quickly replacing non-renewable sources. Atkore is always ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting innovative technologies. We have products that suit the unique requirements of solar, wind, and other renewable energy systems. Our products abide by industry standards and give something extra to our customers. Our flexible conduit meets the UL standard of rigid conduit and have the additional benefit of being lightweight, making them the preferred choice for distributors and contractors. Moreover, they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. When you work with Atkore, you not only get high-quality products, but you also get sound advice about which products are optimal depending on your needs. 

Our ever-expanding portfolio of products can be used in many power-generation and renewable energy applications. From our experience, we know there is a high demand for certain products:

Electric Conduit & Fittings

  • Steel Conduit
  • PVC Conduit
  • Stainless Steel Conduit
  • Aluminum Rigid Conduit
  • Fiberglass Conduit
  • HDPE Conduit
  • Flexible Metal & Liquid Tight Conduit

Cable & Cable Management Systems

  • AC & MC Cables & Fittings
  • Aluminum I-Beam Welded Tray & Fittings
  • Steel Swaged Tray & Fittings
  • Wire Basket

Infrastructure Products

  • Metal Framing Systems
  • Steel Mechanical Tubes

Safety & Security

  • Bollards
  • Barbed Tape
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