SignData™ Platform

SignData™ Platform - Traffic Sign Infrastructure Management System

The SignData™ Platform is a cutting-edge traffic sign infrastructure management system. It interfaces an agency’s physical traffic sign infrastructure using embedded chip identification technology with a digital twin in a managed cloud solution.

Allied Tube & Conduit® has partnered with industry leaders to develop an all-inclusive solution for agencies to maintain the metadata integrity of their traffic sign infrastructure. Accurate metadata is critical to making fair, data-driven analysis when planning maintenance strategies and budgeting operational expenditures. This solution allows for critical data to be tracked throughout the life of the sign - from manufacturer to deployment to decommissioning.

SignData on Mobile Tablet PC

Through this solution, the sign’s metadata is available at the user’s fingertips – allowing agencies to look at their sign infrastructure as a whole or drill down to a specific sign to see installation details and maintenance reports.


Savings Opportunities

  • Justify extending the useful life of signs under agency management with localized performance data
  • Decrease stored sign inventory waste with needs-based forecasts
  • A more focused labor force performing strategic inspections & replacements

Features and Benefits

  • Signs are paired with digital twin on a cloud-based platform, allowing all metrics to be tracked and updated in real time
  • Embedded chips are safe from weathering seen in other sign inventory solutions
  • Provides greater accuracy than spreadsheets, forms, and barcoding based tracking systems
  • Cloud platform and API compatible with existing GIS systems or work order management systems


Traffic Sign Winter Deployment

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Disclaimer: SignData™ and the SignData™ Platform are owned by Smart Infrastructure Maintenance Applications (SIMA) Inc. Atkore is the exclusive US distributor of SignData™ smart sign products.